#thoughtoftheday: the power of ‘JUST DO IT…’

long time since I was cool

It’s more than 3 years now since I last bought Nike products. Yes, a long time for a young person like me (when all the people I know wears some kind of Nike)

Now, it’ not because I don’t like them, but because there are too many choices out there right now.

In other (pretending…) words, I’m not a massive, addictive fan of Nike.

But there’s one thing about Nike’s slogan that I think as a person who believes in personal growth, a person who invest more in my personal development each week, it’s so powerful.

We all know it. It’s…


Well, when I used to work in advertising as a copywriter, in order to get my craft right up to speed, I had to study great advertising works of legends like George Lois, David Ogilvy, and from time to time chat with Dave Trott on his blog.

The point is, I had to get myself into it… totally.

Looking back, I can say that I’ve learned so much from advertising that have pushed me to become a better writer, a better sales person, and of course a better entrepreneur.

And from all the lessons I learned, I think the one that says Just Do It is the best.

You see, growing up being told what you are doing isn’t good enough; or growing up poor, so to get to the next level all you do is try to get accepted by someone else – because somehow you were taught to believe that by being accepted by others is all you need… Well, by learning to just do it, I finally freed myself.

I freed myself the moment I decided to embrace carelessness.

And in the street talk I’d say… ‘to give no shit’.

going nowhere

The thing is, people who are not going anywhere give so much shit about everything.

They care what other people think of their moves, their decisions, their choices… and so at the end of the day, they live other people’s lives.

Nike’s slogan gives us what we deserve – our freedom.

Do you want your freedom back?

You want to achieve your goal? Go do it! Don’t ask for permission or anything… just do it!

Do you want to get fit? Don’t over think it, don’t even plan where to start… get out there and run, get to the gym and then figure it out while you are there.

I go to the gym every other day, and someday I don’t really feel like going but one thing I always do is, to never think how I feel, or what time it is, I just get ready and go. Yes, I just get up and go get some sweat.

but it’s not that easy

You see, it’s not always easy to just go for it.

I remember when I wanted to get into a business project that I’m now doing, my wife wasn’t sure about it… she aired her concern and in the end I got concerned.

But then I realised that if I listened to my wife (I do but not that much), yes my wife, I could simply be a loser, a comfortable guy with very low ambition. Why?

Well, my wife, (Maddie is her name) isn’t all that adventurous.

If she doesn’t know what the next step would be, she doesn’t move a muscle.

If she has never done it before, she has to figure out everything before even trying.

And so the next morning, after I sold her this new project, this new dream that I was to get to, I thought to myself, ‘just freaking do it, Josh’. So I didn’t get back to her, she simply found out later that I was doing it and that I was at the point where it was too late to give me some warnings.

So my point is this, the more you practice JUST DO IT, the more you can do it again. And it will always be there for you.

my humble advise

If they don’t think you can do it, just go for it.

If you want something so badly but unsure where to start, well, scream and just start somewhere.

If you want to live a better life than the one your parents had, but you keep finding yourself travelling along the same paths they travelled, quit the shit you are doing and do something that will challenge you, push you.

And when you start something that will challenge you, just know that you will grow… and then you will gain enough mental muscle to go for something even bigger – next time.

It’s your life, so JUST DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to stand out and succeed.

If you are on the journey to achieving your goals, then in the words of Grant Cardone – add some fire to your drive.

All the best!