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We are told that about 90% of people are classed as failure. But what’s failure?

Well, in the words of Sir Richard Branson in his book Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur, failure has the following meaning:

Failure is not giving things a go…. People who fail are those who don’t have a go and don’t make an effort. Failures can’t be bothered.

But is this the reason why most people will never experience the joy of personal growth, or living the path into the direction of their dreams? In other words, why do failures don’t have a go and don’t make an effort?

Well, according to Tony Robbins, it all comes down to expectations.

Whatever you expect, you as well have the power to tolerate. In other words, if you expect to achieve your goals, whatever pain or work that’s associated with it, you will always find a way to tolerate it, a way to work through it – because at the back of your mind, there’s a far more precious reward at the end of it all.

But what we expect, to be honest, is as all know shaped by our environment:

Our friends

Our family

Where we work

What we do

What books we read

What TV channels we watch

What we were taught by our parents when we were young (and innocent)

Do you know someone who is the same today – in all measures, as they were 5 years, 3 years ago?

Have you ever listened to what story they tell, what explanation they have as to why they are where they are?

Well, I know, people talk about ill health, disability as the reason as to why they aren’t as successful as they are. Well, here is an example of someone who could have used disability as an excuse but went on to live a great life. He is one of the most popular blogger online right now. His name is Jon Morrow.

But hey, bad health isn’t the only excuse that most people use as a shield for not hitting the road towards their dreams. Here are some of the commons ones:

Not enough money

Parents didn’t teach me anything

My boss doesn’t support me

I don’t know what to do

I don’t think I’m smart enough

After all, I’m too old…

Look at me, who is going to believe me… I’m too young.

So fat, I pay the bills…

I don’t know where to start…

One day, I will get things done…

I’m too smart for that…

Let’s wait until when the market, until when the conditions are better…

I’ve kids…

I’m married to the wrong person…

Well, here is my point, what you are going to do today, tomorrow and this week… has nothing to do with your job, or your family or whatever is going on right now on the outside world… To me, the answer is simple:

We do what we do only to meet our expectations – nothing more.

To do more, and therefore to be more, we have got to raise our expectations.

And that’s why I always talk about progress.

Because as long as we are progressing, as long as we are moving on to the next level, then we are guaranteed to he happier than…

Excuses never give us what we want, but they definitely keep us where we are. And if we are surrounded by those who like to make excuses, then we make more of the same, and achieve nothing more than complains and mediocrity.

If you are reading this, then here is a few words for you:

Live the life of progress.

Measure it day by day.

See if you are in a better position now compared to last year… and make changes to reflect nothing but progress.

All the best!