personal development: the biggest challenge we all face

We all know that personal development isn’t for everyone.

While most people are happy to stay where they are, with no drive to look for ways to improve themselves, well… we are different.

We are hungry for more.

We want to have the presence that counts – for without it it’s simply accepting mediocre.

So we push the boundaries.

And in the name of personal progress we refuse to settle.

When other people find time and reason to complain about everything out there, we find time to sharpen our thinking, to strengthen our focus and to align our beliefs to nothing else but progress.

But along the way, as we open pages and listen to some wise words by those who have done it – hoping that by listening we will know what to do to achieve the same – we meet face to face with the biggest challenge of them all in personal development.

It’s not to find time to learn more.

Or enough courage to stay positive.

And it’s not the bad company that we keep – even though we know it’s not going to support our growth.

It’s not the fact that we easily conform to what is, instead of focusing on what should be.

It’s not the fact that we find it difficult to break and unlearn the old beliefs that do not serve us anymore.

And certainly is not the fact that were taught to keep the low key and cause no trouble… to be just nice people.

It’s not any of that.

The biggest challenge of them all is this:

Inability to practise what we learn.

Of course, practice makes perfect – they say.

And it’s by practising what we learn that we grow and become more – and therefore more able to add more value.

It’s by practising what we learn that we can achieve our goals – as long as they are bigger than who and where we are, or else what’s the point?

It’s by practising what we learn that we are able to take newer and better opportunities.

it’s not about remembering but practising what we learn

Personally, I’ve read hundreds of books on personal development – and on advertising, marketing, sales and a lot more on entrepreneurship.

Even so, it looks like I can only remember about 1% of all that I’ve read and listened. Some would argue that if 1% is all I can remember then there’s no point to read… as it looks like it’s a waste of time. But here is the thing.

We cannot remember most of what we learn as first of all, most of what we learn is far ahead from where we are… from where our current level of personal development is. And that’s the reason why if we take time to re-read a book we read last year, all of a sudden we get new ideas and fresh insights that we didn’t see on our first read.

And so for me these days it’s not how many books I read, or home many audio and video recordings I listen but it’s about what one or two ideas and perspectives that I can use right now for better results.

As long as I get one or two thoughts that will improve the way I sale to my customers, one or two ideas that will simplify my business growth, one idea that will make me more confident, one perspective that will help me stay motivated and driven to excellence… then I’m done.

Because that’s the whole point of personal development.

So, what have you learned today?

What have you practised so much that it will soon be part of you… the better you?

Well, stay on the path of nothing else but progress.


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