thought of the day (for personal growth enthusiasts): the new model

Fact: personal development is important.

That is why we take daily actions that help us grow and achieve better results – whether it’s in our personal lives or on our business lives.

But there’s something that we repeat pretty often. Something that doesn’t serve us well. And that is remaining who and what we are year after year.

We do this so well by giving excuses like:

‘It pays the bills.’

‘We have always done things this way.’

‘Better a devil you know…’

But just one look at the motoring industry could shift the gears in our favour.

Car manufacturers work hard to bring new models of their cars every single year. They make sure that the new models are faster, safer, more efficient, and probably better looking than the old models.

But as people, most of the time we are still selling our old models. There’s no freshness of ideas in us. We live a careful life and we do anything and everything to keep it that way.


Well, our old models are seen:

  • in the beliefs that don’t serve us any longer
  • in the habits that make us walk in circles
  • and in the relationships that sucks more than anything

The fact is, if we still believe, do and live exactly like the way we lived five years ago, then we know for sure that there’s a good chance that we will get the same results.

Even nature showcases it’s new and more dramatic events each year. Nature doesn’t get obsessed with where it was last year. It simply grow and bring better, fresher life for everyone each year.

some important questions

When it comes to habits, beliefs, and relationships we have today, do we see ourselves moving forward or getting stuck to where we are – with what we’re already familiar with?

What about the way we take actions… do we have the right mindset that motivate us to take actions that guarantee of getting better results than we had twelve months ago?

Are we sharper, smarter, more motivated, more focused, and even more driven than we were this time last year?

it’s not that easy

Of course, to develop new models for ourselves is not an easy thing to do. But just like car designers, we’ve to sit down and think on what we’d really want to come up with in the end.

But we also have to study what’s going on in the market place – no need to reinvent the wheel.

And when we are happy with what we know, then we can create, manufacture, shape, bring to life… that new model we believe is needed. Of course, it doesn’t have to be perfect – because it will never be.

Well, that’s the thought for today. Please, feel free to share your comments below so we can both support each other to develop up our new models.

Stay on the path of progress.