thought of the day (for people with a purpose and a plan) – a thought on setting and achieving goals

A wise man once said,

Show me a person with a goal and I will show you a person who is going to make things happen in his/her life.

That is how powerful a goal is. When you set it, when you dedicate your time for it, your thoughts and basically every vibration of your energy towards it there’s no reason why you can’t achieve whatever goal you want to.

But some study show that most of us have goals in our minds but nothing written down. Which means we cannot actually call them goals as they are simply wishes… what would like to achieve at a certain time in our lives.

And because they remain to be wishes we never achieve them.

That means only goals that are written down with a specific plan to achieve them are the kind of goals that we can actually achieve. The goals that we can bring them to life.

As you’re out and about, as you’re reading this, there are things that you are actually doing, the activities that you have decided to give them your time, your focus, your thoughts and your total attention.

My hope is, these activities are actually connected to your bigger goals.

Because if they’re not, then this is what is going to happen:

You are going to engage yourself into activities that are actually connected to other people’s goals.

When I sit down to watch the news about Donald Trump or Theresa May…

…To watch what’s happening in the world – even though I cannot even change anything, or take anything away – I am basically helping the news broadcaster, the broadcasting company achieve their goal.

If they are looking for 2 million people to watch their show, when I sit down to watch I’m actually part of the 2 million…  I’ll be one of them if they’re looking for two million people – or their viewing figures that I have nothing to do with my goal.

And that’s why  the thought of today is that, if the activities I’m engaged with, if the activities that I’m giving my attention to are not connected to my goals then there’s no point for me giving them any attention.

But if what I’m doing today is actually connected to my goals –  no matter how long they take, or how much of my attention they require – it’s only wise to do more of.

In a simple sentence today’s thought is:

If we are not focusing on our goals then we are focusing on other people’s goals. If what we are doing doesn’t add to our goals, then it’s adding to other people’s goals… and therefore indirectly, taking away from our goals.

Now if you don’t have any goals written down, well ignore the whole message because the challenge and the task for you is not even to implement anything from this post but to simply go out and get a notebook and write your goals down (or use your smartphone to and write your goals).

Then give them a time limit by which you’d like to have achieved them and lastly, find at least three things that you need to do every single day to move towards your goals.

Unless we have written goals, today’s thought has no meaning, whatsoever.

I hope you find this helpful and that it supports your personal growth.

Remember to always stay on the path of progress.

Your best friend, Josh.