Brexit:  can we learn anything… so far? (like… Brexit means, well… let me go ask some French…?)

Everywhere you look on the Internet right now you find out that Brexit has caused an economic mess.

Now I’m not an economist,  but one thing is clear that the decision we made here in the UK to walk away from European Union has a price that right now as we are reaching for our wallets, we can’t really tell whether we are going to afford it or not.

But at least we are standing feeling confident. Well, that’s what you do when you’ve got some British ego.

Now, our new prime minister – a lovely Theresa May, has said it too many times that Brexit means just that, Brexit.

But why does she keep saying that? Is it because, apparently, there’s some kind of a backdoor to the Brexit thing? Well, only EU boys and girls will tell… Or let’s just say, time will tell.

anyway, let’s talk about what we know best

When we talk about personal development, we are also talking about making decisions today for tomorrow.

The kind of decisions that at times they do not have clear answers immediately.

And to me this is what I call  heading to the unknown. Which we all have to do at some point in our lives.

I’ve made these kinds of decisions many times. And is very true that at first that it all looks like you are going backwards. As if the benefits that you expected  have magically disappeared.

But then you’ve got to be stubborn – just like British government. And keep pushing ahead until you get what you want – without hurting your ego.

I voted remain… (so what?)

Of course, I didn’t vote to leave the European Union I voted to remain.  And frankly in my own opinion, we could have changed the whole thing as members and not as rebels.

But to be honest, not everything we can change from within there are times we look at how things are and decide that we must go for the door.

As people, when we find ourselves in bad jobs, bad relationships, poor careers, we eventually look ourselves in the mirror and say, f**k it, I’, not going to take this any longer… and for that reason, I’m so f*****g out of here! We do this even if we are walking away to something we’re not sure exactly what and how we going to benefit from it.

let’s bring it home, now

Now this financial mess by Brexit, will affect a lot of business owners,  a lot of business professionals, and a lot of serious entrepreneurs.

Only those people who are in control of their time, people who invest more in themselves than anything else,  people who take advantage of the money making opportunities available right now throughout the internet, people who work from home, people who like me live an active while creating some great passive income streams, these are the people who are going to benefit from whatever Brexit eventually dares to throw.

If you’re reading this and you’re not sure what the future holds for you,  I think the best option for you is to start gathering new knowledge, adding to yourself some new thoughts and new ideas that has the power to revolutionise your career and your life.

accelerate your personal and business growth

I can help you put your foot down.

I have a number of products that I am getting ready for people who like to have control of their time, people who like to be better than they are today, and for people who would like to create passive income streams that will enable them to retire happy and without any regret.

If you’d like to receive updates of these products as soon as they’re available – which is very soon – feel free to drop me an email and I’ll get you as soon as  possible.

Anyway,  thanks for reading this far. I do wish you all the best whether you are in the UK, in the European Union, or in the Unites States dealing with Donald Trump or somewhere else – Australia,  South Africa,  Brazil… well, I’ve just one message for  you:

Always, stay on nothing else but on the path of progress.