the language of money

A few days ago I learnt two lessons from Tai Lopez’s webinar.

The thoughts and ideas he was sharing in this webinar he learnt them from the richest investor in the world – Warren Buffett.

So, Warren Buffett asks this:

If you go back to the time when you are in college or high school, what sort of people would you have invested your money in?

In other words,

What attributes would you look for from these people that could have given you the confidence to invest your money?

He also adds that most of us would have invested not in the smartest or the brightest people, but simply people who possessed certain attributes – that somehow lead to success –  more than anything.

what this means to us

What this exercise actually suggests is that once we identify those attributes then all we need to do is this:

To make sure that we learn how to cultivate those attributes in ourselves.

Because what this means is, whoever possesses these attributes has greater chances of being successful both in business and in personal lives.

In the matter of fact, just by sitting down to identify these attributes, as people we actually grow… we get better in knowing ourselves, and therefore increase our chances of succeeding in whatever endeavour we choose to focus on.

the two lessons

So, what are the two main attributes that we should straight away think about when we think of investing in other people?

Well, one is the title of this blog post, that is:

  1. the language of money and the second one is
  2. the ability to read people…  (or in other words, the ability to influence other people, or the ability to sell our ideas, thoughts and perspectives to other people but so that they can benefit from the outcome and we can as well benefit).

So here’s a quick question for you…

If you were to meet a very successful business investor, are you able to hold a conversation with them for at least 20 minutes?

Because if we can’t, then there’s no room for us in their world. If we can’t speak their language, then there’s no place for us in their business world.

The fact is, most of us can talk about football all day long. We can talk about politics all evening. And certainly some of us can complain and explain about poverty all afternoon as well.

But when it comes to talking about the language of money, when it comes to learning the key skills in influencing other people, well… we fall short as we don’t know that much.

success is our duty and our responsibility

So it is our duty to go out make time to study, to learn and to understand all of the important aspects of the language of money because the better we get at this, the more chances we have is succeeding in been able to making big money in our income generating activities.

The second lesson I learnt (or a reminder, rather) listening to Tai Lopez is that of being able to influence other people or as I’ve called it, the ability to sell our ideas, thoughts and perspectives to other people.

On this, Zig Ziglar used to say…

Selling is not only the best career and the oldest profession in the world but it’s also a way of life.

If you are a new entrepreneur, (or aspiring to be), if you are a business owner, or looking forward into pushing your corporate career to the new higher level, then here are my last words for you:

Learn to sell and you’ll never go hungry.

Learn the language of money and you will always have your place with the best in the world.

And always stay on the path of progress.