for #entrepreneurs and #salespeople who hate reading books – listen to this, instead

We know it for sure that we can’t become rich in our pockets until we become rich in our minds. Well, it’s another time to get some rich thoughts. My name is Josh Progress.

Now, what do you do when you don’t like reading?

But still, wants more knowledge that has the power to:

  • sharpen your entrepreneurial skills
  • make you a better sales person – who help people rather than confuse or annoy them
  • help you close more, better than your competition
  • help you cultivate the success mindset – always valuable to those who posses it…?

Well, when I joined network marketing, I learned something that forced me to think differently about how we acquire important knowledge.

You see, the one subject that is big in almost all of the major network marketing businesses here in the UK (as far as I’m aware) is simply this: personal development.

In fact, this is what made me join network marketing business – which as of Jan 2016, it was the second best company in the UK for best customer service, after Amazon – and followed by First Direct, an online bank.

But of course, I didn’t join them because I knew nothing about personal development, but because I had already embraced it for years.

And one thing I discovered in those years is that, there aren’t so many people who are enthusiastic about getting better results in their lives.

But the other thing I  also discovered is that a fair majority of the most successful people in the world, invest more in their personal development.

Which is good to know.

Anyway, the point is…

When I rejoined network marketing business I learned that – even though there was something like a book of the month club – where you pay about £10 to get a book each month (sometimes a CV/DVD) – some of the very successful people in the business hated reading books.

For them reading a book was some kind of punishment that they’d rather rebel against it.

Of course, some of them are simply dyslexic but most of them simply decided that reading books for personal growth wasn’t for them.

Still, these successful men and women knew more about business success and personal growth than most people who read? So, what is their secret?

  1. They were determined to succeed – no matter what.
  2. They used other ways of gathering knowledge that was useful for themselves and for their businesses such as, taking notes when listening to speakers, networking with other successful people in the same business, etc
  3. They listened to audio programmes and watched YouTube Videos that had the kind of content that they were looking for…

And, even though some of them were working only part time, they managed to set the bar so high that for some serious readers like myself, I had to rethink the way I invest on my personal development.

But what if you aren’t a network marketer and don’t want anything to do with it?

And yet still you would like to help yourself learn a new skill that can help you move on to the next level with easy…

Or that you’d like to learn that new perspective, learn a better, new way to close your never-ending sales conversation – but doing all these without opening a book?

Well, let me ask you this?

What do you do with your time when you go to the gym?

Or when you go for a walk?

Or when you drive to and from work?

Because what I’ve found useful for me, is to listen to some useful audio programs that continuously sharpens my entrepreneurial thinking, that make me a better closer (because no closing no sale… and no sale, well, that’s the end of the world, really).

And since a lot of these programs out there are created by weak minds, put together by people with no passion and no serious drive to anything.

And since most of these programs have good content but created in a spirit of begging, desperation, neediness and self-unawareness…

Well, for 6 days a week when I go to the gym to build my body (I’m on bodybuilding mission, by the way), when I drive around, when I go for a run by myself (as my twin girls comes with me these days…) I listen to Grant on the Go MP3 Package – specifically the The 10x Rule MP3 and the The Closers Survival Guide MP3.

Grant on the go - Edited

The 10x Rule has, in itself, transformed the way I work and has taken my work ethic to the whole new level.

In my previous sales job, people thought I was crazy for doing things in the manner they never thought possible… but inside me, I was simply practising The 10x Rule. And what did I learn from doing that?

1. The 10x Rule makes you unstoppable.

In my experience, it’s less than 1% of people who are ready to put this rule to work (some are already doing this by default).

And because most people don’t even know what the rule is, you immediately dominate your space.

The great thing about practising this rule as well is that results are fast.

You don’t have to wait for years to see the fruit of your work…

In other words, if you really understand this rule today and start putting it to good use today, you will see results today.

It’s that effective.

2. Yes we can…

When you are like me, with that little belief inside you that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, well, The 10x Rule puts you on the fast-lane immediately.

In fact, having understood more about other people and myself – something that is obvious for all personal development students – I more than ever before feel unstoppable.

And the good thing is, I just don’t dream about it, but I’m making it happen every single day (even now when it’s 4am and most people are asleep, I’m simply pushing the boundaries).

The other book that I also listen to often is…

The Closers Survival Guide MP3 – and for obvious reason.

If you are in sales you’d understand that…

‘No closing, no sale. No sale, no revenue’.

In my last job I was a sales executive. The good thing with the job was that there was  money to be made. The downside?

Well, the focus was all in mastering selling and almost nothing on closing.

In my opinion, focus should be on both – selling and closing. And the truth is, if you are very good in both of these important and separate skills well, you can live anywhere and never go hungry.

And by ‘hungry’ I mean you will have the ability to live own life in your terms.

Well, among other things, this book has helped me with the following:

1. I can close in almost every situation – in a more confident and powerful way

You see, when I started doing sales, I was a bit unsure how to sell enthusiastically – leave alone how to close like a pro.

But since I’m always looking for ways to getting better, I spent every free time in getting better at selling – without all the negative tags that comes with salesmanship:

I was on YouTube, watching and listening.

I was on book stores – both online and in my town to get the best books to give me the edge I so much needed.

And so within just a few months I went through a vast number of materials from almost all of the well known sales legends. But after doing all that, here is what I found.

Of all the books and information on closing, nothing gets even close to The Closer’s Survival Guide.

I literally increased my closing numbers within hours of applying what I learned.

You see, the challenge I had before wasn’t so much on ‘what’ I was meant to say – even though that is well covered in this book as very much.

But it’s when I listened to Grant Cardone’s The Closer’s Survival Guide that I learned ‘the how’ of closing. The how that changed everything for me.

The thing is, when you are selling over the phone, it’s easy to slip a bit and ruin the whole thing. And even worse, by not being competent in closing, at times we entrepreneurs and salespeople do tend to take too long with no great results to show for it.

Grant’s The Closers Survival Guide has given me a bullet proof confidence when it comes to closing. And yes, it feels great.

2. I’m more aware in each sales conversation

This takes us back to what I was just saying a few lines above.

If you are a competent closer, you save both your time and your customer’s.

The Closers Survival Guide gave me a no-nonsense awareness that as I listen  to my clients, to my customers, to whoever I want to close, I even know when to say,

‘Tim, are you paying with debit or credit card?’ or simply…

‘I understand, let’s just do this.’

Because this book gives you all that alertness and understanding on when to close it, and even when to forget about it all – yes, when it’s a dead lead.

the last word

So if you are a serious entrepreneur who want to make the difference in your customer’s life or a money driven sales professional (which you must, anyway), you have a better chance of killing it with Grant on the Go MP3 Package.

If reading books isn’t for you, no problem. All you need is internet to download the this MP3 Package so that you can listen whenever you want.

As I said, I use my gym time, travel time and even walk time to listen to these audio books.

So if you are a busy person, you don’t have to shuffle your other priorities around.

I know that you want to make more money, that you want to growth your business, to have the confidence that is unstoppable when it comes to generating revenue.

My advise is that you invest in this MP3 Package today for only $49.95 – Was: $249.00 (only £38.06 for some of us who don’t understand dollars that much) – that’s over 80% discount.

And remember, in live events this same knowledge is worth thousands of $ (or £). Make the right decision for tomorrow today.

In short…

Grant on the Go MP3 Package gives you the following books (as the image shows)

  1. Sell Or Be Sold
  2. 100 Ways to Stay Motivated MP3
  3. If You’re Not First You’re Last MP3
  4. The 10x Rule MP3
  5. The Closers Survival Guide MP3

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