entrepreneurs: stand guard at the door of your mind

Another great day to do what we love the most: making more money.

Yes, apart from entrepreneurs and salespeople, most people don’t like talking about money, or making money, and most money related subjects.

The reason is usually simple:

These people were taught that money is the root of all evil.

Or like what my daughter’s teacher once said to her;

Money is not everything.

But in my opinion, money is the root of all happiness.

Think about it.

For those who want to make the world a better place, they can’t do nothing without the use of money.

And for some of us who have to put food on the table for our families, we know we can’t do it if we are broke.

One sales legend with the name Zig Ziglar used to say;

Money isn’t important but it’s right up there with oxygen.

The point I’m making here is simple.

As serious entrepreneurs – whether online, offline or both – we have a duty to be tough on what ideas, what thoughts and perspectives we allow into our lives.

We have to be as it’s these ideas and perspectives that shape our entrepreneurial lives.

That’s why to come up with profitable ideas.

And then to find a way to turn them into profitable businesses.

Without forgetting that we’ve got to stay motivated…

We have to stay guard on what goes into our minds.

Instead of simply borrowing dead and discouraging thoughts and ideas from daily newspapers – thoughts and ideas on stuff that drains our energy, it’s our duty to have some amazing morning rituals that keep us on top of the game.

Things like, reading business books on marketing, sales and entrepreneurship.

Or listening to audiobooks that can help us think more like winners – because we ought to be… – than anything else.

Books like these – that have already proven to be very useful for thousands of entrepreneurs and business professionals in the world.

To be honest, as entrepreneurs we always invest a lot of time and energy into ideas that we believe will add to our pocket rather than taking away from it.

And that’s why it’s also important for us to never shy away from the idea of investing in ourselves.

Because in some measures, this is actually the most important investment we can ever make.