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The truth is, we all like to learn something of value.

Something that has the power to improve our lives.

And we all know that the best way to do this is to learn from someone we trust. How do they look like?

Well, as far as we know, these are the people we admire their success.

Whatever they have achieved, somehow resonates with us

I do that everyday.

I do it by reading good business and personal development books.

I’m sure you too have your own way of learning from the best – those you trust.

You do this because you believe that maybe they have an idea, a thought or simply a perspective that could change your life.

Now, in this post, I’m going to share one successful business man that I think, if you listen to him, you’d learn a thing or two to accelerate your personal and business progress.

So if for some reason you have been running a failing business.

Or that your career need a motivation.

Then this man has what you are looking for.

By listening to his advice, you too can run a growing business.

And if you put his success tips in good use, you too, like thousands of other people can have a glowing career.

If you are a salesperson

You can sell better.

With more confidence.

And with less emotional attachment to the results you get.

In other words, you will be in charge of your career and business, rather than rely on the uncontrollable factors like the economy and the market to achieve your goals.

So yes, if you decide to listen to this man, you’d learn the easy ways on how to

Believe more in yourself and therefore continue to pave your way to the top.

Even if you are a freelancer…

This man can help you make more money that can set you FREE instead of working for FREE-ish.

And the truth is producing average, year after year sucks.

We all know that.

Yet at times, it looks like we are in this loop:

Average results last year.

Average again this year.

And perhaps, average results again next year.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

A few times in my life I had to say enough is enough.

A few times in my life I had to make radical changes so that I can have different results.

In the matter of fact, I do make difficult decisions each year.

As soon as I evaluate, first my results, and then my progress, I always seem to want to change, to improve things.

And the best way to make these changes I now know is by modelling.

This means learning and copying what other people are already doing successfully.

That’s why I read everyday.

That’s why I listen to audio and watch video programmes that  help me simplify my progress.

Most of the time I fail to actually copy it all properly, but because I persist, then when I succeed I usually more than double my income.

It is my goal now to continually double, triple or even 10x my results.

Because it’s all possible – by the power of copying what it’s already working.

Today, like every other day, you have two… yes, JUST TWO choices.

  • Decide to continue producing average.
  • Decide to learn to say goodbye to average – forever.

And like everything else in your life…

It is totally your choice.

While most of the time it looks like someone else, or life itself has pushed you to where you are now but the fact remains.

It is totally your choice.

And let me explain this a bit further.

You will continue to produce average if you are happy with where you are.

That’s right.

You see, the moment you agreed to that inner voice that says all is fine,

That you should stay content by maintaining whatever describes where you are… then that’s exactly when you go wrong.

That’s when you continue to produce average results – whether in your business or in your career.

Here is what we both know.

There’s no such thing as same activity, same results.

There’s no such a thing as maintaining yesterday’s efforts because we will get the same results.

You ask why?

Well, because nothing is in a stand still.

Everything is on the move.

The move to the next one.

Life continues to demand nothing but growth.

And we also know this for sure…

That whatever is full of life gets bigger

And whatever is getting tired is dying.

Now, if you don’t mind,

Let me just share a personal experience

To explain further what I’m talking about.

After many years of reading and learning from the best, here is what I discovered that I wish I learned years back:

That learning from someone who knows best actually saves you life.

Through trial and error, something that could have taken us years to fully understand and practice, with success can only take us less than a year to master it.

In China they say…

‘An hour with the wise saves you a year in books’.

Well, when I was in advertising for example, it took me years to actually understand the simple thinking around writing copies that sell.

As a result of not knowing the key principles, I felt that the creative process was so painful.

Coming up with what they call ‘big ideas’, was the ultimate impossible creative challenge for me.

But when I decided to dig deeper from the best,

When I decided to do everything that I was told I shouldn’t do…

I soon found myself in central London in one of the best advertising agencies in the world.

The same was when I got into sales.

This time though, I knew what to expect.

But those who thought knew best simply continued to do what they did for years and years.

They continued to produce yesterday’s results with today’s efforts.

The funny thing is, most of them were happy with their results.

Not me, though.

And here is what I did.

I made it my business

To get better at selling every single day.

I did everything I could, with everything I had.

This included recording myself when selling.

Reading pages and pages everyday on selling.

Listening to the best programs on tonality and persuasion…

But I didn’t stop there.

I did something else that most salespeople and business owners seem to have no time for it.

I continued to read entrepreneurial/business books that continued to force me

To think more like the owner and not like an employee.

It is a completely different world to think like the owner as compared to an employee.

Thinking like the owner tippled my inner confidence on what I’m capable of.

And that’s why when changes were introduced in the name of ‘getting better’ – which were miles away from it, I did something that millions of people around the world are afraid of doing.

You see, if you work for someone else, not all changes are there in your favour.

In fact, all the changes are not in your favour.

Most of the changes most of the companies introduce are in the company’s favour.

Unless you have the mindset of the owner, you are doomed.

So what did I do when I realised that the system wasn’t going to keep me sane, but more insane?

I made a decision to:

  • to continue to think
  • to continue to act,
  • And to continue to live like the owner

Not for a week or two but forever.

You see, a lot of salespeople and self-employed professionals out there will never dare do their own thing.

They will never come close to having the opportunity to

Make ten times more money than what they are currently making.

And here is why.

Because they continue to accept and get trained into being loyal, trouble-free employees.

But they are forgetting one important point.

They forget to invest in themselves more than in their jobs.

They forget to work harder on themselves than they do on their jobs.

And that’s why conforming to the company policies seems like a good option for most of these people.

That is why, five or ten years later, most of these people will still be doing the same jobs.

And then later in life, they usually come to a decision that they’d like to grow and achieve more.

But since they never invested in acquiring new skills, they end up with just one option.

Change the employer.

Change business.

Move to a different industry.

Because, maybe…

Maybe they are going to be able to achieve something better there.

But the truth is, the same stuff happen all over again.

So, here is my point.

If you’ve chosen to be an employee… well, that is good for you.

And if you are choosing to maintain average results for your freelance business, of your one-man business… that is great for you, as well.

But I’ve chosen something else…

And that is to be totally in control with what I do, who I do it for and…

And most importantly, how much money I’d like to make selling, not my time but my skills and my ideas that I believe has the power to adding more value to everyone who buys from me.

But hey…

If you can make time for useful advice from someone who has proven to the world that they have what it takes.

If you want to accelerate both your work ethic and your productivity as an entrepreneur, a salesperson or simply a professional…

Then you obviously need the advice from this one man.

You see, I’ve teamed up with one of the most influential CEOs to help people like you to access the kind of the information that can help them…

Grow and achieve important business and career goals.

These are the kind of the materials that are against all forms of mediocrity.

And whoever embrace them immediately ceases to produce average and begins to immediately think and act like a winner. Now we all know what winners produce.

Simply winners, right?

Well, start to think like a winner.

If you’ve already, then simply follow me this way.