the sure way to continuous personal growth (do this to always move up the ladder of life…)

To move ahead in life…

On to our business and personal goals, all we need is this one tactic.

Most self-help authors will tell you that you need to tune your psychology into the psychology of success. (I agree, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.)

Most motivators will give you their energy-drunk lines that are meant to hook you to something lasting. (Good try but it doesn’t really last…)

I’ve read most of these self-help books.

And I’ve listened (and continues to listen) to a lot of motivational speakers as well – to keep my success vibes high.

But of all that, nothing has improved my life and helped me achieve more, faster than what I learned few years ago – the hard way.

I was in this job that paid low wages, and on top of that the people in it all gave up on their dreams. And for some reason, they expected me to give up on my dreams, too.

When I read instructional and inspirational books that somehow gave me hope that there was still a possibility for a better life, these work colleagues thought I was simply working hard to lie to myself.

I remember one evening when I was practising to write some print ads, one lady looked at what I was doing as if to say,

‘Give up brother! That’s not going to happen any time soon.’

But to her disbelief, it didn’t take very long before I was writing ads full time.

Finally, after I was exposed to a better world of advertising, I was as well introduced to what was possible – if I was willing to work for it.

And therefore I decided to only take opportunities that expanded my comfort zone.

The opportunities that added the drive and the ambition to become more, better and… faster.

In other words, if you can dare to make decisions that expose you to different but better experiences, that alone has the power to improve your life than all the books can offer.

This is what is called

‘Creating New Evidence’.

It’s evidence because what we really want to influence is not our colleagues, or your family members, or even our bosses (if we have one).

But by creating new evidences we influence our beliefs – the only thing that runs our lives without us even noticing.

That’s why associating with people who are more successful than we are works in our favour.

Because we create new evidence that…

It is possible!

Yes, we can!

And once our minds register that, we are unstoppable.

So next time you wander why some people who are not at all that smarter than you are are doing 10x better than you, then remember this…

They dared to create new evidences that reshaped their beliefs on personal and business success.

So rather than waste more time analysing things, just go expand your comfort zone.

Start it today!

Because I believe that it’s the only sure way.