the last chance to create a massive success momentum in 2016 (yes, faster or ‘forgetaboutit’…)

First things first.

A big thank you to all of you who have just joined I’ve got some great news for you.

We are going in.

Yes,we are going to do some cool things in this last quarter of 2016.

And the reason we’ve got to do all this is simply that, most people slow down as they approach Christmas and New Year.

The closer we get to the holiday season, the slower most of us work on our progress.

It’s that time of the year the average person spend most what they have.

We buy good presents for good friends.

And we also buy annoying presents for annoying friends.

But one thing we forget though is that, this is the time of the year that we should in fact supercharge our personal growth.

This means…

Sharpening our skills

Ready for the New Year.

This means…

Developing the killer strategies

That will help us win more in the 1st quarter of the new year than most win in a whole year.

That’s why here at, things are not going to be the same, again.

Because if you are ready to…

Double your results.

If you want to…

Gain more energy and enthusiasm

So that you can enjoy every minute of it – now and even in January 2017,

If you are behind with your 2016 New Year’s resolution…

Then please, stay with me because you will not be disappointed.

(to explain what I mean, let me tell you) how I got six-pack

You know, back in April this year I decided to go to the gym to do some weightlifting.

The last time I went to the gym for the same reason was back in 2011. That’s five years ago!

But you know what, back in 2011, my gym routine stated in summer and lasted till the end of, well… summer.

I made lots of friends in the gym I went, I even met a guy named Josh – with hobbies and interests just like mine… but once it started to get a bit cold, then that was it. I decided to stay at home.

Since then I’ve done some other forms of exercises including cycling, running and even doing the popular home workout Insanity.

So it’s not that because I haven’t been to the gym since 2011, I was a couch potato. I did all I can to stay fit but despite all that each type of exercise only lasted about 3 months – maximum.

I don’t know why I couldn’t go beyond that, but one thing I now know is that the momentum I had wasn’t strong enough to carry me beyond 90 days.

Now this time, things are different.

Since April, when I started seriously doing weightlifting, I’ve yet to slow down.

I go to the gym 5 – 6 days week.

I push myself each time I get there.

And the good news is, I don’t have to tell anyone, anymore that I’m working out. This is because results speak for themselves.

My shoulders are much wider.

My back is properly v-shaped and meaty, too.

The arms now don’t fit in to my old t-shirts.

My old tight jeans that I so much loved can’t fit anymore. The hamstrings won’t let them fit.

And the best part to be honest, is that I don’t have to look for my six-pack anymore. I don’t have to touch to feel them. All I do is look, and behold they are there – ready to serve me (I don’t know with what, though).

The six-pack point is very important because as men, our abs are usually quick to expose our fitness level (0 for big bellies and 10 for six-pack).

So why share all this?

To brag a little? Well, I’ll let you decide on that but the main point is this:

Because momentum matters.

If we want to establish any new habit that has the power to help us achieve our goals, pushing harder on the first days is important.

I’m talking about the first 30 to 60 days where we can easily fall back to our old routines if we don’t push hard enough.

And the best part of pushing harder beyond the usual internal resistance (that want you to be a couch potato) is that by doing this we soon see the results.

Now once we achieve this, we can easily maintain the new habit, the new routine.

Since April, I’ve already seen a lot of people come and go – to the gym, that is.. Some started the gym to cut their bellies down ready for summer.

And because that didn’t work, they decided to get back to the pub – perhaps this time a glass of beer would help them cut it.

Roughly, 70% of people who were coming to the gym in April, are either not coming anymore or are simply doing a day or two a week.

Lack of momentum has stopped them.

So yes, initial momentum is super important.

In most personal development sources, you’d hear that you have to have a mission, a vision and all that – to be able to get into groove with the new direction.

But in my opinion…

Before you get clear what your vision and mission is, get some momentum going first.

We both know a lot of people vision and some kind of mission but aren’t moving fast enough to achieve their goals. And as a result, they live in frustration so they never seem to quite get there.

The point is, the fourth and the last quarter of the year is here.

This is not time to simply sit and think about what presents we are going to buy for our friends and families.

It’s time to get an edge.

The time that if we are willing to take unreasonable amount of action, we can forge momentum so big that when 2017 rolls in, we are unstoppable.

This is a great position to be in because we all know what most people do in January 1st.

Most people sit down, write their New Year’s resolution, share it on Facebook, get a like or two, and forget about it by 15th January.

The beginning of the year is a great time for those who are prepared, and the worst time for the unprepared.

This is the reason that across the world,  more people die in January than any other month every year.

So listen to this…

I’m making it my goal to make sure that I help my readers have the best October, November and December so that in January, while most people will be re-starting their success momentum, we will be cruising on the fastlane to victory.

It won’t happen by magic, though… but with every action and positive thought that we can involve.

So hey, I’m inviting you to join me to…

Close this year like we have never done before.

Yes, there is a big work to be done to achieve this goal… but the good news is that, ‘Yes,we can!’

So let’s go and do it.

Let’s build a business momentum that is unstoppable.

Let’s build a career momentum that is second to none.

Let’s build an entrepreneurial momentum that help us make big money, and live the life we want.

We can do this because at the back of our minds we always,

Think progress.

Believe in progress.

And push for progress.

It’s time for us to win big.

Are you in?