what will pay well in 2017…

In business, it’s normal to predict, to forecast about the coming year, the coming quarter or so…

When no one knows what to expect, then we can expect some kind of instability.

Like when Europe is having a leadership and membership issues, then it looks like the investors see that as a ‘not-so-conducive’ environment to invest.

When it’s election time in the US, then we see the same thing in the market. This happen simply because businesses would like to know that the next leader, the next president, isn’t going to introduce policies that aren’t good for businesses.

And all that is a good and normal.

It’s what help businesses move from one phase to another.

This kind of forecast does help businesses control their growth.

It’s because they can plan, they can measure and they can play cautious – if they must, and therefore save the bacon.

But why don’t we, as people do the same forecast?

Why don’t we see most people do this consciously, year after year?

Why don’t we look ahead and ask,

How are we going to be more productive next year than this year?

How are we going to make more money next quarter than we are doing now?

How can we get ready for all that?

What’s the first step from where we are now?

The sooner we ask these questions, the sooner we start to work on their answers.

Other important questions to ask ourselves are:

  • What is going to change in my industry that if I don’t act now I’d be worse of?


  • What can I do now, what skills can I learn this year, that have the power to add more to people and therefore pay me big money next year?

The sooner we ask these questions, the sooner we are to benefit from their answers.

And how soon can we actually improve our productivity and our value in the market place?

the magic of 30 days

Earl Nightingale once said that, even though it might take years for a company, for a business to double its productivity and its size, it can only take about 30 days for people to do the same.

And that’s good news for anyone who want to improve their lives.

That if we do the right thing…

If we focus our attention in getting better, in improving what we now do…

If we pay attention to what the market is like, and what customers are doing, we can double our value to them in just 30 days.

And to be honest, most of the time, we can achieve this not by working double the time, but by simply doing everything efficiently.

This means, what can be done today shouldn’t wait for tomorrow.

And that tomorrow’s work shouldn’t be done today. There is no point to.

But all that is simply about our actions.

And believe me, actions alone can take us literally from rags to riches. But there is something else.

While efficient actions are all very good and important, they are simply a copy of…

The thinking behind it.

This means that if the thinking isn’t big enough, then unfortunately the efficient actions will only bring limited results.

How many people do you know who rely on actions alone to change their lives who seem to enjoy only an average life?

That’s why it’s important not only to take massive amount of actions but also to stretch our thinking to the point that it reflects in the kind of progress we make.

This is the reason why books like 10x by Grant Cardone are so important to anyone who would like to make the best, not only of the new year ahead, but also for their future in general.

Yes, for people who not only want to make the best of their actions, but people who are ready to accompany their actions with the kind of thinking that will support those actions and therefore reap greater results.

If you haven’t read this great book yet, then it’s time to check it out.

Because as we are going to set some new goals for the coming year, we are going to need a new way of thinking, and a new approach in taking actions.

The old ways of thinking won’t help us – it has already done so by giving us the results we currently enjoy.

The old actions won’t give us the results we want – they have delivered what they were meant to deliver in the first place.

And so what will pay well in 2017 and beyond is…

Simply what has paid well in the previous years, too.

It’s about adding the best value to those who need it.

It’s about acting efficiently – doing everyday what need to be done that day.

It’s thinking bigger than we have ever thought about before.

It’s about stretching our imagination by learning more, trying more things, trying different experiences.

And most of all, what will pay us well in 2017 is whether we are ready to fail faster than we have failed in the past.

Because there’s knowledge and confidence in failing.

But also there’s success in failing.

Because success is a function of failure.

Well, all the best in your plans to make the best of the remaining 2016 and the best of brand new 2017.

Always, stay on the path of progress by…

Thinking about progress.

Believing in progress and…

Pushing for progress.