the magic power behind the life of gratitude

Dear friend, I hope you are doing well. I hope everything around you is vibrating at a positive note. And please, let me take this opportunity to thank you for reading this, for being a subscriber on this simple blog, By the way, did you know that I first registered this domain because I wanted … Continue reading the magic power behind the life of gratitude

does personal development turn 🔌 you on?

Lately, I've been thinking and asking myself... what is the one thing that turns me on? Seriously... like what's the one thing that adds meaning to my life? The thing that adds better thoughts 💭 to my ways. The thing that improves me, stretches me with love? What's it? To find out, I set off … Continue reading does personal development turn 🔌 you on?

make peace with where you are

In this post, we are going to: make peace with where we are by looking at where we are a bit differently like being grateful about it all instead of complaining and cursing and as usual, I also point out the practical steps (four of them to be specific) to do just that - make … Continue reading make peace with where you are

ever heard of WiiFM?

When I was training in copywriting I was told that to write the best copy I must broadcast my message through the station called WiiFM. As an important presenter at WiiFM , I must make sure that my script speaks the listener’s language. Every form of advertising, I was told, must broadcast through this station. Why? … Continue reading ever heard of WiiFM?

here are 3 ways to feel richer today

Dear reader, Thank you for your time (and your internet?) for reading this post. With our attention span on the internet as little as under a minute, I really urge you to come along with me as this will only take no more than three minutes. That's three times the attention span. (Mine I guess. … Continue reading here are 3 ways to feel richer today

anyone for an appreciation challenge?

<<On this post, I want to beat Jack Canfield’s appreciation record, and to do that I list 18 bloggers before sharing the Rich Thought Tip. Please, follow me.>> Well, it's another post on appreciation. And this time, I'm in a big challenge - for the next six months. The challenge is against Jack Canfield - the America's #1 … Continue reading anyone for an appreciation challenge?

#thankyou – Darren Hardy

Every Monday, I like to thank at least one person who has added some richer thoughts and habits in to my life. For me, this a new blogging habit, so I hope it lasts because honestly, there's something special about appreciation. It makes you feel good. And it makes the person appreciated feel even better. … Continue reading #thankyou – Darren Hardy

#thankyou – Ben Carson

  <<if you were to thank one writer, one author, one blogger, one coach, one speaker, one person responsible for your growth to success… who would that person be?>> Now, think about it. We hardly achieve anything on our own. Sometimes, other people say something or write something and all of sudden we see life … Continue reading #thankyou – Ben Carson

is reading important to you?

‘Books are for reading’. Ben Carson Is reading one of the keys to a better life? Is reading the assisting power to reaching our potential? Is reading to life the same as salt to food -  or is reading the food in itself? Is reading blog posts the same as reading books? Is reading tabloids … Continue reading is reading important to you?

conformity. the science of going nowhere.

good to know First of all, I would like to thank my new subscribers and all those who in one way or another, interact with this blog. I really do appreciate. And let me just remind you that, sometimes, I’d be inspired to share some great thoughts but some other times, I’d just do the average. Bear … Continue reading conformity. the science of going nowhere.

life is a beautiful ride

life got to feel good Isn't life about riding downhill? Isn't life meant to be abundant? Aren’t we supposed to live without the fear of tomorrow, fear of illness, of old age, of death? Aren’t we supposed to be the masters of our destinies, the captains of our boats? Aren’t there great and amazing laws … Continue reading life is a beautiful ride