the language of money

A few days ago I learnt two lessons from Tai Lopez’s webinar. The thoughts and ideas he was sharing in this webinar he learnt them from the richest investor in the world - Warren Buffett. So, Warren Buffett asks this: If you go back to the time when you are in college or high school, what … Continue reading the language of money

just one idea

You know, most people would tell you that they have no time to read. And so what they are actually saying is, they've no time to learn something new... even if it's for their benefit, even if it's for advancing their careers, for improving their lives, their businesses. And what's their excuse? Reading a book … Continue reading just one idea


Speed saves lives. I think, if we had a speed limit of about 100mph, we could have had fewer accidents in average. Now don't ask me about the statistics because I don't know how they look like. But here is my point. Without speed, then focus, drive, attention, energy and alertness of purpose - as we move … Continue reading #SuccessLovesSpeed