without a trace

Have you seen one of those online ads that follow you as you click about from one site to another?

It’s like they know you are looking for a car insurance, or some home furniture or something, so all they do is keep flashing on a sidebar…

And you and I know that, at times, it can be annoying.

But you know what, these online ads follow us because there’s something they know about us.

We looked for something, we visited a site… and like little annoying sales reps, they follow us to make us buy whatever they’re selling, whatever we’re looking into.

In other words, these ads simply followed the trace we left behind.

But have you ever thought that everyday in our lives we leave some kind of trace?

I mean, look at it this way… our time in this life will be measured by the trace, the contribution we’ll eventually leave.

Would they be able to remember us as inspiring, thoughtful, people who added value to things, to people and certainly to ourselves?

If the people we work with will review our lives, what trace do they see?

Are they going to see a blameful, complaining, and an irresponsible trace?

Or are they going to embrace what they know to be positive trace that we have left behind?

Les Brown says in one of his YouTube videos that some people will never be remembered for anything.

That made me think.

I hope, if you consider yourself to the kind of person who starts with the end in mind, you can see my point.

Life is meant to be great.

But it’s only going to be so if we contribute to the success of others – because that’s how we accumulate our own success.

And to be honest, I don’t want to live a plain, boring life, a life of no positive trace.

Because if I live that way, am I not living like a hyena? Well, at least hyena cleans after others…

I mean, what’s the point of living without a trace?