work on yourself

The vibes of progress: exactly what shares. So in this post I thought I should share one important tip on how to progress faster at workplace.

So if you’re employed and want to stride up the ladder to higher positions, and therefore making sure that there is no any competition anywhere near you then listen to this: WORK ON YOURSELF.

That’s right!

Work on yourself. But what do I mean by that?

Well, know your assets. Know yourself better than any one else.

This is important because the more you work on yourself, the more you grow, you become more valuable and that gives you an edge as you contribute true value to the world.

But here is the fact that you and I know: most people work more and harder on their jobs than they work on themselves. As a result, their motivation lasts as long as a farmer’s whistle.

They want to stand out at their work-place, but because they are so focused on their jobs, they hit their creative ceiling sooner than expected.

These people have no idea that in order to earn more, in order to acquire more responsibilities and therefore more reward, they only have to learn more.

And you know what they say? Show me a successful coorporate leader and I will show you a person who embraces the habit of continuous learning.

Part of working on yourself is by learning from others. Others who are better and with a richer experience than you.

Apparently,  most super successful people read about two inspirational/instructional books each month. Well, I read at least 3 books per month.

And it is already proven that among several important habits of the very best, reading is one of the top three.

So no matter who you are, or where you work… if you ever want to progress faster, or maintain that progress momentum… then work more on yourself than on your job. Do this daily.

And start that by reading a self-help book that can add the vibes of progress to your life, the book that add the rich thoughts that naturally, and with time, will count you as one of the best.

Never be satisfied with yourself.

Embrace a progress mindset.

All the best.