here is one more thing that is as easy to manifest as the parking spaces

Well, let me start by asking this simple question.

How do you know that the Universe is with you on what you are doing right now?

Well, I’ll tell you how as far as I know.

It was around the same time I was manifesting specific parking spaces, when I realised that I had jumped into writing my first ebook without watching for the sign.

It’s like wanting to plant some seeds in the right season without knowing what the right season is.

So I wanted some kind of validation from the universe that all my big plans to write ebooks, books and lots of articles and blog posts this year (2015) are well supported.

So what did I do?

I wanted to see a sign, like the clock going backward or something.

But that didn’t seem very useful, to anyone.

So I tried to think of other signs.

But what sort of?

Well, any… any that told me something that writing a book was a good thing for me right now.

Anything that confirmed to me that my quest was going to benefit someone out there.

That what I was going to do was like a well planted seed, that with time, it multiplies.

And I wanted to have a confirmation within 48 hours.

So I went to bed.

And the next morning, having forgotten all about it, I went to my desk, opened my emails (bad habit, I know) and bingo!

Guess what, among other emails there was this email from Jack Canfield that said Jack Canfield (a super-best-selling author or 47 books on New York Times) had put on a course with Steve Harrison called Bestseller Blueprint.

The email invited me to join these two business people as they teach on how to become a best-seller.

Did I want any further conformation than that from the Universe?

Jack Canfield, being one of his subscribers, usually send emails on very simple subjects – nothing big and ambitious, until when I received that email about becoming a best-seller.

Still, his content isn’t so sharply written.

If it was a bird, yes, it can fly but it beats its wings way too hard.

And if it was a car, then it’s one of those once you are over 70 mph it kind of raps or revs back at you saying,

‘That’s all I’ve got, Mr.’

Of course, he is a millionaire for a reason.

But whatever it is, it’s not that he knows anything that most of us don’t.

One thing is for sure thought, that he is consistent and bless him, the law of averages keep pushing him up the hill of even more successes.

So here is my point.

Jack Canfield has written 47 New York Times best-selling books.

And I have written none, well, so far.

But the magic thing is, when I wanted a sign, he was the sign, straight into my email box.

Now it’s your turn.

Have you manifested anything in less than a day before?

Did you want it to happen and it did?

Did you get excited?

Let us know.