why is personal growth, growth from within the answer to it all?

Well, because there’s no any other sure way.

You see, most of us talk about looking for a better job, for a better business opportunity, for getting into the right industry, for choosing the right career path and so on, but we forget that as people, we don’t become what we want. Let me explain.

What is inside us is more powerful than what is outside us. So we might want to change our careers, change our business speciality, change our jobs, and even change our partners/spouses… but unless that is in line with who we are inside, we are not getting a thing different from what we already have.

In other words, we do not receive or attract to ourselves what we want but who we are inside, what we believe, and certainly what we expect.

Remember these words.

Remember them because most people will tell you about going for what you want but very few will tell you that in order to get what you want, you must first become it – from inside.

That’s why I posted the other  day that, if we are stuck, if we are not getting to where we want to go, it’s because we have neglected ourselves. It’s because we have forgotten about our personal growth.

Embracing personal growth is repeating to our subconscious minds that we expect to achieve something. That no matter where we are right now, we are going to get to some particular destination – soon or later.

And this is very crucial.

No wonder J C Penny said,

“Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I’ll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I’ll give you a stock clerk.”


Because a person sets goals and go for them because they believe and expect to achieve them. And so they will do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals. At times this can take decades. But if a person with a goal decides to learn more, one thing I know for sure is that they will achieve their goals sooner than later.

And to be honest, I don’t care if you are a million times smarter than me, or that you have had the greatest opportunity that has served you well in the past… but as of today, tomorrow and weeks ahead, if you don’t take time to grow from within, I will outshine you.

Oh yes, I will eventually win more than you.

Many times.

Because every single day I’m grinding.

Because every single day I’m adding a new thought or two, an idea or perspective from the best of them.

Because I’m continually learning and expanding.

And so by tomorrow, next week, next year… while you’d be talking about your past success and experiences, I’ll be ahead of you already – not talking about the past, but getting sharper for what’s ahead.

So then, what does personal growth entails?

Yes, it’s about leaning more.

Learning everyday.

Taking up new challenges and expanding our comfort zones.

In other words, pushing the boundaries – especially that of our beliefs and our expectations.

Personal growth is doing something you are not good at, but learn as fast as you can to become an expert.

Yes, it doesn’t happen over night.

But in the end, it happens.

If we put efforts to it, it’s going to happen.

Years ago when I was a bit bitter with my work and everything around me, I thought to show my disqualification, to complain, to point fingers, to blame… was the way to go.

But by taking time to grow from within, I leaned that only losers complain, only failures blame others and that they are not only emotionally unstable but also immature. So what did I do?

Quit to be a loser, almost immediately.

Blaming, complaining… have no place n my life right now.

I just charge forward.

Doing this helped me get promotion at work instead of disciplinary letters.

This helped me be the man who every branch in previous business wanted to work with.

And yes, by growing from within I also managed to double my income in just a few months.

Nothing is impossible when we choose to take the path of personal growth.

It’s the only path that I know that guarantees success.

Embrace it and you will not be disappointed.

Think progress.

Believe in progress.

Push for progress.

And all the best!